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Charles Barrett
Email: CBarrett@fidm.edu

Cheryl Bensmiller
Email: CBensmiller@fidm.edu

Kimberly Berthet
Email: KBerthet@fidm.edu

Lori Bleckmann
Email: LBleckmann@fidm.edu

Nancy Bombard
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Lizelle Brandt
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Monica Carbajal
Email: MCarbajal@fidm.edu

Amy Chang
Email: ACChang@fidm.edu

Tim Christiansen
Email: TChristiansen@fidm.edu

Greta Couper
Email: GCouper@fidm.edu

Patrick Devine
Email: PDevine@fidm.edu

Danielle Douglas
Email: DDouglas@fidm.edu

Tricia Edwards
Email: tedwards@fidm.edu

Mona Eisman
Email: MEisman@fidm.edu

Manuel Escalante
Email: MEscalante@fidm.edu

James Gallagher
Email: JGallagher@fidm.edu

Kent Hammond
Email: KHammond@fidm.edu

Elisabeth Hinckley
Email: EHinckley@fidm.edu


Christine Kastanos
Email: CKastanos@fidm.edu

Richard Lovett
Email: RLovett@fidm.edu

Tim Malone, Ph.D.
Email: TMalone@fidm.edu

Dennis Morrison, Ph.D.
Email: DMorrison@fidm.edu

Ariana Nussdorf
Email: ANussdorf@fidm.edu

Judy Picetti
Email: JPicetti@fidm.edu

Martin Podway
Email: MPodway@fidm.edu

Lisa Ragsdale
Email: LRagsdale@fidm.edu

Tom Selinske
Email: TSelinske@fidm.edu

Keri Shurtliff
Email: KShurtliff@fidm.edu

Larry Spears
Email: LSpears@fidm.edu

Susan Spencer
Email: SSpencer@fidm.edu

Mimi Su
Email: MSu@fidm.edu

Susan Tran
Email: STran@fidm.edu

Patricia Turner
Email: PTurner@fidm.edu

Louise Wallace
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Helane Wilbourne
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Chris Williams
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