Attention to all students!

The FIDM Student Email system has completed a major upgrade to FIDMCloud Mail.  Your prior messages are no longer accessible now.

Have you activated your FIDMCloud Mail email account yet?  Invitations have been sent to all students’ personal email accounts.  Look for an email from Connections Cloud for yours!

Why do I need a student email address?

It is more than a communication tool.  You will need your FIDM Student Email address to qualify for your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, AutoCAD, or other academic software that is available at a lower cost to students.

How do I activate my new email account?

Watch your alternate email address for an email invitation from "Connections Cloud."  When you receive the email, click on the link inside the email.  You will asked to choose a password for your new FIDM Student Email account at this time.

How do I get the mobile app?

Apple iOS:

Google Play (Android):

Other devices: Access your mail in your device's browser at Once you log in, click the drop down arrow next to your name under the FIDM logo.  Tap on Full Mode to show options.  Select Ultra-light Mode.  Bookmark this screen.

Instructions for setting up the app (iOS)